Operational K-350 Two-man Submarine

Asking Price:   $30,000 (US)
Contact Mark at 410-271-2693

This sub was built in 1988, but you would never know that for it is in fantastic condition - it was fabricated from very high carbon steel and just won't rust in the fashion people are accustom to. The batteries are bit old (7 years), and will probably have to be replaced soon. Please call Mark at 410-271-2693 for additional information.

For the past seven years Chesapeake Submarine Service in Edgewater, Maryland has been utilizing this submarine for piloting classes and the time has come to let someone else live their dream of being a minisub owner (we have two other subs, a K-250 one man, and a two man sub built by a commercial diving company several years ago - We will use the money we get from this sale to turn our two man sub into an underwater mini van). The previous owners of this K-350 were a father and son team who would take it offshore in the Great Lakes, Drop down to 100 + feet, take a compass heading and stay down four or five hours looking for wrecks, covering miles in the process. We don't think that we are doing this sub justice diving only in shallow water giving classes - we will use our other subs for this. You can get all the information you will need on this sub by watching the youtube video "How to dive a K-350 submarine" (uploaded by us three years ago), or by visiting our facebook page at "Chesapeake Submarine Service". Custom trailer and legal titles included. First come, first served....

Asking $30,000(US)
Contact Mark at 410-271-2693