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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] A few Questions....

Thanks for the feedback Andre.  I like the idea of a
mast as a snorkel.  Although I was concerned about the
problems that the U-boats had with their schnorkels
breaking under speed.  Plus I'm thinking about a max
depth of 100'.  I don't think that mast come that
long, hehe ;)

I am looking at buying some plans for a steel sailing
ship from a place I found online.  Looks promising. 
Perhaps I can just put a pressure vessel inside the
hull.  Weight becomes a problem the more I think about

Has anyone got any ideas about how to build something
that will not go any deeper than a certain design
depth.  Consider it a redundant safety device.  I
would like to make it idiot proof.  For some odd
reason that last statement scares me.


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