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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Idea for homebrew CO2 absorber

Hi, Carsten,

I may try working with it, but not going to risk myself  :) I may put 
something like a burning candle inside. Do you know if excess CO2 will snuff 
the flame or will it burn until there's simply no more O2?
Another good sign of the system working would be decreasing pressure inside 
this closed system by about 15 percent, or even more (amount of O2).

Sincerely, Paul.

>Hi Paul - I have no idear if it works or not - but sounds
>good on the first view - I have unfortuntaly not the time
>to test it with a liter H-milk, a plastic bag and a diver
>snorckel and some small pipeing in close cycle - would you
>do it - under control of a friend with a watch ?
>(Before you make any test - please confim that your
>are 18 or older - and if not delete this message
>from your computer..)
>If you fall in coma without warning or with a channel view
>- it works (out of oxygen) / but if you get heavy headeges
>- it doesn't work (to much CO2).

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