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I want to open up nominations for 2001 PSUBS Awards.

You have till Dec 21 to send to me (ray@psubs) your nominations for:

	Best Design of 2001
	Best PSUB of 2001
	Best Discussion Contributor of 2001
Each nomination must include the following details (or I'll toss them out):

	Name of deserving individual (no you can't nominate yourself)
	Which category (see above list)
	Brief explaination why you think that individual deserves the award.
To give you a better idea of what the available categories mean:

	Best Design of 2001
		The person who has offered to the group the best best
		design of the year. I can be a paper design if practicle
		enough to be buildable or an actual project under construction.
	Best PSUB of 2001
		The person who completed building and got wet the best PSUB 
		of the year.
	Best Discussion Contributor of 2001
		The person who has been the most helpful, the most courteous,
		and the most knowledgable contributor to the discussion
I will announce the winners on Dec 31, 2001 and will ship the plaques out by
Jan 14, 2002

A jpeg of the prototype plaque can be found at: