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[PSUBS-MAILIST] 223 miles per hour underwater torpedo

Fastest torpedo in the world tested and owned by Iran 223 miles per hour. The germans had a mini sub during WW2 that had torpedos strapped to the outside of the sub for firing.
I can't remember the name of the german mini sub but I'm sure Carsten would know, he knows all about those subs. Anyway....imagine one of these
torpedos sinking a U.S. aircraft carrier. Even if the mini sub was sunk doing this, it would be a cheap tradeoff, a mini sub sunk for an aircraft carrier sunk.
History repeats itself. Once again, just like the confederates in our civil war sought a way to overcome the superiority of the union ships and their blockade,
now another country in our modern day has come up with their version of the Hunley to counter the naval power of the United States. The situation is the same
as it was for the confederacy. Small navy not able to counter the power of a superior navy's force, so an "infernal machine" is built to balance the power.
It's hard for me to imagine something going that fast underwater. Incredible. The article calls it an underwater missle, but it is actually a superfast torpedo.
Thought you members here would be interested in this high speed underwater torpedo. Here's the article.
Bill Akins.