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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] 223 miles per hour underwater torpedo

I just hope that Humpback or Blue whale hears you coming and gets out of the way. Imagine hitting one of them at 223 mph. Greenpeace would have a field day with that one.
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An US businessman ended up in a Russian jail for a long period of time because he was legitimately attempting to purchase this technology.  Only after a great effort on the part of our government and failing health was he released.  There is a book out a few years ago that chronicled his travails.  There is some info on the weapon in his book but much more in the Scientific American article.



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I can't just get my head around the physics of the torpedo. The control surfaces would have to be absolutley minimal at that speed, so it couldn't be all that maneuverable. (the control surfaces would be a liability and the slightest tremor or wrong angle at that kind of speed would send the thing off ---- that -a- way)


The centering of mass on this thing would also have to be damn near perfect.... I want to get my hands on one just to figure out the physics. A good picture would do too, from all sides.


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