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RE: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Acoustic Triangulation

As noted, navigation underwater is pretty primitive.  To elaborate on what Joe has said, if you know the two end points you try to dry between them moving with the current.  Remember that surface current and bottom current is often different and in deep water there may even be another directional current mid-depth.


If you don’t know the end points but know the orientation (if it has some length) and approximate location, search theory states the most likelihood of finding your target is to try to cross it at a 90 deg. angle.



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"two positions in the log, defining the fore and aft extents of the wreck."

Amazing how the simplest of solutions elude a person,...that never occurred to me. I suppose you pick up little tricks like that the more serious your diving becomes. I became certified in 1977 but, never ventured into anything more serious than shallow wrecks and reefs, in S. Florida, you have a lot to see in the no decomp range. Neat trick!


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