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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] motor thought

Hi Vance.
It wasn't me being critiqued on spelling, (I was being critiqued on my ignornace of hydrodynamics), and the "guy below" using the word "bye" was me. Lol. You got what was said and by whom mixed up Vance.
Actually the use of the word "bye" spelled with an "e" at the end is a variation of the word "by" as used by me below and is referenced by websters thusly.....
"5. by the bye, incidentally; by the way. 6. bye var. spelling of BY. Bye-, var of by as in bye election." So websters lists "bye" as a variation of the word "by".
I think it comes from old english. I have seen it used in place of "by" as well as "by"  being used in place of "bye". There may be times when using either "by" or "bye" one over the other, is more
correct than the other, but I am not certain of that, and not being an english major and many years since college, I am not quite certain when one would be more correct than the other.
For some reason that I cannot remember I have always spelled "bye" when using the phrase "bye the way" instead of using the word "by". I actually can't recall why I do that but I think
it was something I learned or read in school many years ago. Or perhaps I convoluted it from the phrase "by the bye". Not sure really. Actually when I was in school they were speaking
old King James english anyway, and young William was directing performers at Stratford upon Avon.  Grin. But seriously, how someone spells doesn't really matter to me as long as I can
understand what they mean. the only reason I remarked upon it was to underscore and show that the criticisim of my misuse of the word "compress" instead of using the word "pressurize" was no more or less
important to the point I was originally making than someones mispelling. The important thing here is not how well someone spells or writes, but to be nice to each other and not be too critical or condescending in our attitudes.
Bill Akins.
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Hey Bill--While you are being critiqued on spelling, you might want to remind the guy below that 'bye' is a fragment of 'goodbye' and that 'by', as in 'by the way' would be the correct spelling. Vance 
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Sorry Risk everything, I thought the below comments regarding my ignorance of hydrodynamics came from you.
I realize now it was from Jay not you. My mistake. Please disregard my below retort Risk.
Now to Jay, you could have enlightened me Jay, and regaled me with what it was I was missing specifically,
but instead you chose to be a smartass, that was very helpful. Thanks. I'm pretty good at buoyancy and a few
other things, but I certainly don't know everything like you do. A helpful explaination from you would have been
much nicer. But then you wouldn't get the chance to be a smartass would you? Nice.
Bill Akins.
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Your'e a funny man, you certainly are a smartass, but you still can't spell.
Oh and bye the way Mr nitpick me on my symantics and words about compressability vs pressurization,
when it didn't matter to the point I was making,....water does have a very very very small slight degree of compressability,
it's just very very slight but can be measured. Look it up. Stick that in your periscope.
Bill Akins.
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What am I missing here?  BASIC HYDRODYNAMICS