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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Once again

Hi Nomdae.
I'm one of those 47 native Floridians myself. Grin. I noticed you said you swam in Turkey lake. My dive buddy recently at my behest, checked into Turkey lake and they wouldn't allow swimming in it he said.
I was interested in us diving and looking for that sunken P47. Perhaps his info was wrong. Was it recently you swam the lake? Another of my dive buddies has a magnotometer as well as a sonar set and we
could use the mag to find silted over wrecks like you suspect the fighter plane is by now. I know the tannic acid you speak of. It is the same in Tiger lake just east of Lake Wales where we have located a
crashed and sunken B17 bomber. The viz is zero to maybe one foot. Scary diving when you are blind in a lake full of gators. No wonder no one has recovered the B17 or P47 yet. My dive buddy has a boat with
the mag and sonar and has the "mailboxes" used to blow away silt from shallow depths and we are hopefully going back to Tiger lake soon for another try to bring up something of that sunken B17.
I have been thinking about checking out Turkey lake for several years now every since I heard of the P47 in it, but my dive buddy said it is illegal to swim there and there is no way they would allow us to recover
anything. Tiger lake on the other hand is very desolate and no problem with recovery.
Bill Akins.
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I was born and raised here in Orlando. (One of 47 native Floridians left in the state.) I've fished, swam, and boated in Turkey Lake countless times.  As far as I know, they've never even tried to find the P-47...much less salvage it.  And considering the number of people who fish on that lake each day (with fish finders), I'm sure the plane must be 10 feet under muck and weeds by now... if the gators left anything to be found ;-)

That lake is also has very dark water (tanic acid).  Maybe a foot of visibility at best. (But the look on some poor bass fisherman's face when a sub surfaced near his boat would be priceless... but I digress)


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Hi Nomdae.
I didn't know you lived in Orlando. I live in Hudson, Fl about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours away from you. There is a lake around Orlando called Turkey Lake that susposedly has a sunken Republic P47 Thunderbolt fighterplane in it, but I understand
they do not allow swimming much less diving in that lake. Have you ever heard anything about this sunken fighter? Would be a good target to go after with a shallow water sub.
Bill Akins.
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