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[PSUBS-MAILIST] Sub to look at wreck of ferry

Looks like there is going to be further investigation of the Canadian sunken ferry that will be conducted by ROVs.


Jay K. Jeffries

Andros Is., Bahamas


Sub to look at wreck of ferry

Canadian Press

VICTORIA -- Federal investigators say they need another look at the wreck of the sunken Queen of the North ferry and will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send a remote submarine to the depths of B.C.'s remote Wright Sound.

The Transportation Safety Board has solicited bids for "a suitably equipped work-class remote operated vehicle (ROV) and surface support ship." The estimated value of the contract is stated to be between $250,001 and $500,000.

Board spokesman John Cottreau said the dive will focus on the bridge and wheelhouse area of the ship, which sank on March 22 after plowing into Gil Island at close to its maximum speed.

Mr. Cottreau said it is hoped the electronic chart display, which would allow the board to make definite statements about the course and speed of the vessel, can be recovered. He said that weather permitting, the board hopes to have the dive operation under way by May 4.

Ferry service on BC Ferries northern route was restored only Wednesday, when the Queen of Prince Rupert returned to active service from an accelerated refit.

Shortly after dawn on Thursday the ship stopped for a brief ceremony at a spot about 400 metres directly above its sunken sister ship 135 kilometres south of Prince Rupert.