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[PSUBS-MAILIST] UC3 Nautilus at sea with UC1 Freya...

Today two submarines will depart their base in Copenhagen harbor and head for the open sea. Nautilus, now surface operational, will tow Freya on her last voyage.

Freya was build as an experimental submarine in 2001 - 2002 and during her service life she produced the bulk of knowhow needed to design the ten times larger Nautilus.
She made more than 500 dives, and prowed in Denmark the concept of the personal submarines.

By 2006, with har bigger sister, Kraka, now in fine working order she was decomissioned - and laid up in the Selandia Dock on Refshaleøen. Uantended, and crying tears of rust she has slowly decayed. She newer was build for a long life, with lack of corrotion control being her basic design problem.

Today - we can prodly take har on her final voyage - Nautilus - the final result of our submarine develupment work - will tow her out to sea and where she will be scuttled.

She sure was a good ship !

Best regards,

Peter Madsne

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