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Last update: 30 Jan 2003 Scope: This page is dedicated to the OSS (Open Source Submarine) Project. OSS is a collaborative effort to design a submersible by the PSUBS group. Warning: Until actual hardware is built and proven to be safe this information is provided for intellectual discussion. PSUBS.ORG has not officially signed off on this design. Use at your own risk. Tempory OSS site



	The Open Source Submersible project was founded on the
	belief that concerted effort, pooled resources, and 
	freely available information would result in a better 
	Personal Submersible for all. Our goal is a Submersible
	within the reach of anyone, anywhere, with basic mechanical
	skills and determination. 

Spec Sheet

OSS Specification Sheet v1.0 2003-01-16

1. Length      4 meters
2. Beam	       1 meters
3. Speed       4-8 knots
4. Depth       100 meters
5. Duration    2-8 hours
6. Cost        $8,000-$15,000 USD
7. Capacity    2 passengers
8. Other       Optional electronics package
               Optional Life support system
               Optional fiberglass fairings 
               Required analog/mechanical gauges
               Required auxillary electrical
               Required steel pressure hull
               Required drop ballast
               Required "trimable" ballast
               Required PWM speed control

Note 1:	        Weight has become the driving factor and must not exceed 2720kg.
Note 2:	        Passengers should not exceed 2 if beam under 1.5 meters.
Note 3:	        Trailer may be built into sub to increase weight max to 3200kg.
Note 4:	        Price/Speed/Range/Required Items, have not changed with revision.
Note 5:	        Length to be defined by pressure hull team, as derived from weight


OSS Tasklist V1.00 2003-01-16

1. Pressure Hull
   1.0 Pressure Hull Specification
	Ian Roxborough
   1.1 Pressure Hull Component Drawings
   1.2 Pressure Hull Fabrication Documentation

2. Ballast System
   2.0 Ballast System Specification
   2.1 Hard Ballast Drawings
   2.2 Soft Ballast Drawings
   2.3 Emergency/Drop Ballast
   2.4 HPA Supply for Ballast System	
   2.5 Ballast Systems Integration Concept

3. Electric System
   3.0 Battery Technology Specification
   3.1 External Battery Enclosure Design
   3.2 Secondary Battery System Design
   3.3 Battery-Pressure Hull Interconnection Design
   3.4 PWM Speed Controller
   3.5 External and Internal Lighting
   3.6 Electronic Gauges Design
   3.7 Electrical Systems Drawings and Schematics

4. Viewports - Doc
   4.0 Viewport Design and Integration with Hull
   4.1 Viewport Flange Design
   4.2 Viewport and Flange Drawings

5. Hatch
   5.0 Entrance Hatch Design and Integration with Hull
   5.1 Hatch drawings

6. Propulsion
   6.0 Design Propulsion System and Integrate With Hull
   6.1 Select Propellers
   6.2 Propulsion Systems Drawings and Schematics

7. Life Support
   7.0 Design CO2 Scrubber System
   7.1 Design Emergency Light System

8. Other - Mark Steed
   8.0 Document Generation for Developers
   8.1 Final Assembly Documentation
   8.2 Specicifation Compliance Officer - John Rogers
	8.21 Cost Analysis
	8.22 Format Standards and Interchange
	8.23 Quality/Viability Auiditing
		John Rogers
   8.3 Reference Material Generation and Research for Developers
	Garry Muir
   8.4 Material Sources	Research
	Garry Muir


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30 Jan 2003 Ian Roxborough
30 Jan 2003 Thijs Struijs
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