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Sub name: Delfin
Designer: Mr Wladimir Pilipenko
Builder:  Mr Wladimir Pilipenko
Mr Wladimir Pilipenko, a 58 years old cranedriver,
living in Jewgenowka a small village some hundred
miles from anywhere in the Ukraine, has built his
own submarine Delfin and did the first trails in August 1999. 

The sub is 3,5 meter long and weighs 1,7t. The 
description is : a mixture between a locomotive
and a tank [indicates something like a chain drive]. 
The estimate price for the material is about 4000 Dollar
and Mr.Pilipenko got some of the material (windows, dome)
in exchange  for some of his pigs and selfmade Wodka. 
His monthly wage is about 30 Dollar..
The leader of his community told to the security-agents that he
had not build the sub to escape to Turkey but to protect 
himself from alcoholism. 

The first trails the sub was towed behind Mr.Pilipenko's
Lada car to the small village lake. The next days they did
dives between 30-40 minutes with many of the village-people. 

Mr. Pilipenko next project is to sell the sub for about 10.000 Dollar 
and to build a new and bigger one for 4-5 people in flying saucer 
design with a dive deep of 300 meter. 

(From my newspaper. Carsten Standfuss 14 Sep 2000)

 - Delfin

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