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eBay: Stienke Hood

Date:		20 Jun 2001
Description:	Stienke Hood [spelling from memory] sold on Ebay 
		around 20 Mar 2001.

		Here is an impressive item from the past. An 
		authentic Submarine Escape device used by submariners 
		for years.

      		These devices have been used since 1961. They 
		are designed to provide 45lbs positive bouyant 	
		ascent for a submariner escaping from his damaged 
		submarine. In light of recent international submarine 
		casualties, these items are under scrutiny by the 

		It has all the water survival equipment packed 
		with it, whistle, dye marker, chem-lite. etc. An 
		interesting piece of submarine memorabilia. All the 
		best in bidding. 

Picture of Stienke Hood. (?? 20 Jun 2001)
Stienke Hood

Picture of Stienke Hood in pouch. (?? 20 Jun 2001)
Stienke Hood

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