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eBay: K-350

Date:		08 Jun 2001
Name:		K-350
Designer:	Captain George Kittredge
Builder:	Vance

[ Nice description, picture was stolen from Lake Diver. rk 25 Apr 2002 ]

Two-Man Submarine No joke, THIS IS A REAL TWO-MAN SUBMARINE 
(Depth Rating of 350 Feet) You are bidding for a half built, 
professional two-man submarine and complete blueprints to finish project. 
I purchased the blueprints from George Kittredge about two years ago 
for his Two-Man Submarine plans. (The K-350) These plans
are include everything you need to build a submarine from start 
to finish. Including the ?Right to Build? from George Kittredge. 

They include: Material sources, Part sources, Design Certification, 
Pictures, Complex Drawings explaining Construction and more. 
If you were to buy this Submarine from a professional building 
it would cost you over $120,000.00. If you don?t believe me, 
check out this web site: http://johnmaynard.tripod.com if you were 
to rent this submarine from someone it would cost you thousands of
dollars per day. This could be a new business for you. I even had a 
few local colleges waiting for me to finish this project. They 
offered me a lot of money. In about ten or so days of renting, 
I would have paid for this submarine in full. You can even use 
this submarine for treasure hunting. The potential is endless. 

You can find out more about this submarine and how to build a 
submarine from a WONDERFUL web site www.psubs.org. Here, you will 
find a group of dedicated people that enjoy being a ?couple of feet
below sea level.? You can share ideas and stories about the new world 
you are about to enter. I learned a lot from some experience 
builders, and owe some of them big for the things they taught 
me. (Vance) 

Parts Included: 

    Front Main Fiberglass Ballast Tank (Built by Kittredge Industries) 

    Aft Main Fiberglass Ballast Tank (Built by Kittredge Industries) 

    Main Hull (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    Front End Cap (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    Aft End Cap (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    All Interior Reinforcing Ribbing (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    Conning Tower Base (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    Conning Tower Top (ASTM 516 Grade 70 Steel + Certifications) 

    Four Conning Tower Viewports - (Machined but no Glass) 

    Two Viewports for Hull - (Machined but no Glass) 

    Coning Tower Hatch Veiwport - (Machined but no Glass) 

    Steel Plate for Large Veiwport on Front end Cap. (Not Machined) 

These parts were all professionally machined, rolled, and welded. 
I will provide certification of Welder who welded parts 
together. (Pressurized Vessel Certification) Submarine is located 
in Northern New Jersey. Available for inspection by appointment only! 
I will help with shipping arrangements. (Loading, packing, etc.) 
But buyer must arrange everything else. Buyer will sign some sort of 
waiver releasing me of all the wonderful legal stuff attorneys like 
to find. E-mail me with questions, Check out the web sites, and welcome 
to the best addiction in the world.  SUBMARINES! emailcsimone@yahoo.com 

Picture of a Lake Diver build K-350 suspended from a crane.

Pictures from eBay auction 1827385298 ending on May-13-02 20:24:40 PDT. Same text was used as above auction.
Picture of a sheet of Kittredge's K-350 plans.

Picture of a pile of parts.

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