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Date:		21 Aug 2001
Name:		Sinker

2 man submarine. Appraised at $62,000 to $65,000 by an Accredited Marine 


    Leangth: 12 ft. 
    Beam: 8 ft. 
    Height: 6ft 
    Weight: 8000lbs. 
    Operating Depth: 900 ft. 
    Life Support: 180 man hours 
    Max. Speed: 2.5 knots 
    Crew: 2 System 


    Pressure Hull: 1 inch thick. - Cylindrical in shape, 42 inches in 
                   diameter, 108 inches in length. 

    All welds full penetration thru pressure hull. 

    Power Source: Mechanical: 6HP-36 volt motor, 5 to 1 gear reduction 
    Electrical: 8 lead Acid Batteries immersed in oil in pressure 
                compensated Vessels. 

    Voltage: 36 V - Motor 24 V - Motor Relay 12 V - Internal and 
             external lighting, Cabin Fans 

    Maneuvering System: Vertical and Horizontal Planes. 

    Buoyancy System: 2 fixed buoyancy tanks pressurized to 260 
                     PSI located on the right and left sides. 

                     2 Soft Ballast tanks - one forward , One aft. 2
                     Redundant systems providing 550 Lbs reserve buoyancy 

                     Also provide Fore/Aft trim. 

                     Emergency jettisonable weight - 150 Lb pneumatic 
                     cylinder controlled to release from cabin interior. 

    Life Support: Oxygen carried internally in one 80 cu. ft. tank. 

                  Carbon Dioxide removed by Absorbant scrubber. 

                  Emergency breathing - fixed scuba, 1 portable scuba 

    Viewing: 4 - 6 inch diameter - 3 inch thick acrylic portholes 
             designed to 10000 ft. depth with 5 to 1 safty factor. 

    Communication: Handheld VHF radio Exterior lighting: 3 - n

    External mounted Halogen lights - 50 watts in pressure. 

    For more pics send E-mail to jbindas@voa.org 

Side view.
Side View

2nd Side view.
2nd Side view

Stern view.
Stern View

2nd Stern view.
2nd Stern View

Aft port quarter view.
Aft port quarter view

Front view.
Front View

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