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Date:		11 Sep 2001
Name:		SportSub
Designer:	International VentureCraft Corp.
Builder:	International VentureCraft Corp.

This auction is for a two person ambient pressure submarine. 
This sub was advertised in Hammacher & Schlemmer for $62,900. 
It can reach sport diving depths (130 to 150 feet) As an ambient 
pressure sub, you sit in an air pocket, waist deep in water. You 
can park the sub on the bottom and don scuba gear or use 
the hookah for a "space walk." It comes with a trailer, spare 
parts and manuals. It runs on two 6 volt deep cycle batteries 
(batteries not included) and uses regular scuba tanks (3 per dive) 
for air. You can, depending on use, get 4 dives per charge. 
Fine print....The sub is being sold AS IS-WHERE IS. It is located 
on the Big Island of Hawaii. It needs work!! The sub has been
sitting unused for several years. A good cleaning, some 
minor work including electrical. The trailer needs a new base 
board, tires and lights. The hull is in good shape and the
scuba gear needs an inspection. Of course for this little money 
you can afford to take the Hawaii vacation, pack up the sub and 
have plenty left over for the minor repairs.

Picture of a SportSub.

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