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Date:		12 Dec 2001
Name:		VIP

I did not build this sub, It was built in Portland Oregon, 
sold to Phil Nuytten in Canada and I traded him parts of another 
sub for it.He stored it for me for about 5 years at which Time 
I picked it up and moved it to Florida, I was on the way to Florida 
when hit by a truck and have not been able to do anything on it 
or anything eles for that matter so I decided to sell it. The 
sub is named VIP, it is 13 foot long x 30 1/2 inches wide x 46 
inches high and weighs about 4000 pounds.The hull, conning tower, 
and end caps are all 1/2 inch stock, it has 3 reinforcing rings 
inside that that are 3/4 x 2 inch steel, the top of the conning 
tower has a ring that is 1x 1 1/2 inch. The conning tower has 5 ports
that are 7 inches in diameter, the bow of the hull has 3 ports that 
are 7 1/2 inches in diameter. This is a 2 man sub, the operator 
in the conning tower and the observer in the bow.there is 1 photo 
of the insides of the hull that shows the bow and you have to 
look carefully as it is an optical illusion and looks like a ball 
but gives you a good idea of the inside front end, the back of 
the iside hull is not painted. The Acrylic ports were lost, 
the hold down rings are completed for the 3 ports in front 
but the conning tower rings are just blanks and have to be machined. 
The hatch is finnished but needs the hardware for locking.to 
conning tower. This is what I am selling as you can see in the 
photos. If you are planning on building a sub you can see how much 
work you would be saving by buying my sub instead of starting from 
scratch by going to John and Monica Farrington's 
site http://www.prismnet.com/~jrf/SubPics/index.html. I might 
add that a sub bilt heavey like this for a depth of 750 foot is 
very exspensive to even get it this far. Included is a set of plans 
for a Kittredge K 350 as I was going to use a lot of his ideas. There 
are no plans for the VIP, just a couple of drawings. To see more subs, 
peoples plans and lots of help go to:http://www.psubs.org 
Questions gladly answered, the sub is in S. W. Florida and I can 
not help you with the loading, Thanks for looking.

Port front quarter view of VIP.

Bow view of VIP.

Ballast tank of VIP.

Inside view of bow of VIP.

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