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Pictures from Jorge - Kittredge and SportSub

Sub name: ?
Designer: Kittredge?
Builder:  ?
I took somewhere in the Keys while heading to Key West. It's
a human powered sub, may be a Kittredge one...
The sign makes me think that NOAA wanted to make the Keys into a sanctuary,
diving woldn't be allowed anymore. - Jorge

 - Jorge

 - Jorge

Sub name: SportSub Designer: International Venture Craft Corp. Builder: ? Description: This is the one refered to in the International Venture Craft Corp. web site, sold to the fire department (the sign reads "Military Police - Fire department). I could find it only after extensive research and luckly enough the Commander granted me permission to take some pictures. This is the only one left,in my wife's camera, my gear was stolen soon after, including the films. It has never been used, they use it only on parades. They say the waters are murky and divers are better for the job (manly, body recovery...). Bureucracy hinders me from buying it... - Jorge  - Jorge

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