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Contributor: Gene Seus
Last update: 06 Aug 1999
Scope: These are pictures of mine sweepers are supplied from Gene Seus. Gene knows the guy who is selling these.

Mine Sweepers: These pictures are of the minesweeping fiberglass hulls. They had cable-cutting cables attached to them and were towed buy ships. They are full of styrofoam blocks and were set up with fins so that the faster they were towed, the deeper they went. At rest, they would float. The fiberglass is up to 1/2 inch thick, more in some places. They are 18 ft. long and 3 ft. in dia. at the largest section. FOB Manteca, Ca. they are $300. The scuffing seen in the pictures is superficial... with only the white paint rubbed off. Gene Seus
Mine Sweeper
Mine Sweeper Piles

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