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German Molch


Contributors: Petr Zly & Carsten Standfuss
Last update: 08 Nov 1999
Scope: This is a picture of German WWII Molch midget sub. I am trying to get additional info from Petr Zly as to where this sub is located, looks like Europe. Specs are from Carsten Standfuss.


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    German Molch:
    built in 1944 single seater with two torpedos
    Displacement 11,01 m3
    without Torpedos 8,40 m3
    Length             : 10,783 m
    Beam over Torpedos : 1,817m 
    Diameter           : 1,160 m
    Dive deep          : 40m 
    Electric driven by Torpedo engine 13,9 horse power
    speed up to 5 knots, built units : 363
    One is displayed in Overloon, Netherland
    one is displayed in Munich, Germany
    one is displayed in Flensburg, Germany
    one is displayed in Kopenhagen, Denmark
    one is displayed in Neustadt/Holstein, Germany
    German Molch
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