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Date:		23 Aug 2002
Description:	Here are some shots from a dive I made 2 weeks ago. - Ricci Dustin

Side view of the craft prior to launching. (rd 23 Aug 2002)
SEAmobile Submersibles - side view
This shot is taken at 50 ft. with no flash. The control panel and circulation fans are clearly visible. Ballast control valves are behind the seat. Once the submarine has achieved 40 lbs. positive buoyancy, it is powered with the vertical thruster to submerge. This is done for safety reasons. (rd 23 Aug 2002)
SEAmobile Submersibles - cabin interior
This shot is of the actual dive sequence with the cabin almost completely submerged. The thrill of this experience makes me giddy to this day!
. (rd 23 Aug 2002)
SEAmobile Submersibles - diving

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