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PSUBS Personal Submersibles
Psub with tank treads 

Sub name:   
Designer:  Halley Hamlin
Owner: Halley Hamlin
Builder:  Halley Hamlin
Contributor:  David Buchner
Description: Copy of an old Mechanix Illustrated magazine from June 1950. The article is of a PSUBS with tank like treads.
Contributor:  Michael B. Holt
Description: A picture Mike got from the daughter of one of the inventors.

Cover (Cover page, Mechanix Illustrated, June 1950)

Brief text and surfaced pics (Page 80, Mechanix Illustrated, June 1950)

Beached pics and captions (Page 81, Mechanix Illustrated, June 1950)

Closeups, controls (Page 82, Mechanix Illustrated, June 1950)

More closeups more controls (Page 83, Mechanix Illustrated, June 1950)

New Gif 
The Hamlin/Sodders sub

I got this from the daughter of Sodders.  She doesn't have much
more on the sub, and this is all she has on what was happening
after 1950.  The most interesting aspect of this was that the
Navy tested the little tracked boat in 1950, and it was still
intact enough to be considered for operations 15 years later.
	- Mike Holt 15 Jan 2002	

Text on back of picture Picture of sub
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