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Deep Rover

Date:	     21 Aug 2001
Sub name:    Deep Rover
Designer:    Deep Ocean Engineering
Builder:     Deep Ocean Engineering
Description: This is a picture supplied by Mike Young and clarifications
             from Vance Bradley.

             There is no metal hull.  The hull is, in fact, two 160
             degree hemispehres clamped to aluminum mating rings
             which split like a fabrege egg to allow the pilot
             access to the crew compartmemt. Meaning that it has to be
             on deck to get in or out, which does not lend itself to
             small budget operations like ours.  It is a Graham Hawkes
             design and that is Dr. Sylvia Earle in the photo who
             was, at the time, Mrs. Hawkes.  The two are no longer married
             but still collaborate on various projects including Deep
             Flight.  Nice folks, both of them.


Bow dome of Deep Rover (Mike Young 21 Aug 2001).
Photo of bow dome being held to submerible with bands

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