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when the valve opens, is it going to stay open & continually send air
in to the ballast tanks? Also you mention an external pressure sensor
to avoid going too deep; are you sending it down on a rope or autonomously.

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> Hi All,
> I am in the middle of building a remote surfacing system for my subs since I seem to be to cheap to go to a pressure chamber.  My system operates from a dual industrial timer that powers two solenoid valves, one is redundant.  The solenoid valves take regulated air to operate an air cylinder that actuates a 2,500psi ball valve.  The system also incorporates two float switches, one fore and one aft in case water gets in before the one hr test is complete.  There is also a internal pressure sensor in case there is an air leak, the sub will surface.  There is also an external pressure sensor that will prevent the sub diving past the desired pressure test depth.  Have I missed anything?
> Hank
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