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Brian,I had thought of a weight hanging below the sub, but there are also giant boulders and logs possibly.  I was concerned that the weight could get wedged in the big boulders or logs.your going to think I am nuts, but I thought of a weight with a connector made of ice, in time the ice would melt and free the weight as a very last resort.Hank 

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 Hank,                 Sounds like a scary prospect dropping your sub down there !  Maybe you could have a weight hanging from the bottom to hold the sub off the bottom if you're worried about debris, then have a release for it.  But it sounds like you have a good plan already.  I was talking to a fisherman friend of mine who's father rigged these traps where they had a type of metal that would corrode itself to the point where it would detach the trap from the weight holding it on the bottom ( actually I can't remember who the person was, but I remember the story)  .  But that might not work for you since you're in fresh water.   Brian

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Hi All,Does anyone know how I can find a bathymetric map or depth chart of Quesnel Lake BC Canada.  The lake is 2,000 feet deep but I can not find a map. Hank_______________________________________________Personal_Submersibles mailing listPersonal_Submersibles at psubs.orghttp://www.psubs.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/personal_submersibles
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