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Steve,   I'd love to get my hands on that dome !    But I'd have to build another sub !!


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Subject: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Sub Project Parts For Sale
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Need a head start on a project? Want a "big" view port? Photos attached.

I have decided to try to sell some of the sub parts I have laying around.  I am 
happy with my K-250 project and I doubt I will try to build another sub using these parts. 
These parts are from the retrofit of the Perry PC-1402 when it was changed into 
the Vista Ranger SSTI. 
I have limited knowledge of their history but I believe them to have been made to the 
same design/standards as was the PC-1401 (1200 ft.). Structural/dimensional details can be 
found by referencing Busby's book for the PC-1401. 
since I purchased them they have been stored in temperature controlled 
environments. There is no significant rust on the metal and the dome looks new 
(no crazing/cracks/nicks etc.). While the dome is older I believe it would be fine in a de-rated application. 
>From what I know of the PC-1402 it never saw many cycles or significant depths.  
Hull Dome Hull Interface (7/16" thickness, A516 grade 70, 42" OD) 
Acrylic Dome (2" thickness, 40" ID)
Battery Pods (see listing/photos/info. on Psubs site) 
I am willing to assist in delivery. Contact me for details @ psub101 at indy.rr.com.


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