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Contributor: Ray Keefer
Last update: 11/17/97
Scope: I visited George Kittredge on Friday, May 2, 1997. I took a bunch of pictures of two of George's submarines that he built. Here are twelved of the best shots of his experimental K-250 Human Powered and his K-600 submersible.td>


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  2. K-600 Side View Front View Back View Conning Tower Hatch Interior View - Fwd Interior View - Fwd Interior View - Aft
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K-250 Experimental Human Powered:

Front View Front view of the experimental human powered K-250. The domed hatch top and front port are covered.
Back View Back view of the experimental human powered K-250. The domed hatch top is covered. Large propeller is visible. The propeller blades were hollow and would fill up with water when submerged.
Back Port View Rear port quarter view of the experimental human powered K-250. The domed hatch top is uncovered. The dome is a clear acrylic buble for the operator to look out of. The rudder is visible through the propeller, most of Kitterdge's designs have an electric motor as an active rudder. The lift bar along the port side is hanging down from two chains. This bar is used to lift the sub.
Front Port View Front port quarter view of the experimental human powered K-250. The domed hatch top is uncovered but the front port is still covered. You can see the front hydroplane just at the front edge of the lifting bar.


Back View Side view from the aft starboard quarter looking forward. Here you can see hull with a battery pod along the bottom. Above the battery pod is the thruster cage. This cage protects the thruster from intanglement and acts as a climbing ladder to get up to the hatch. The thruster is pointed down. The blue cover is over the conning tower. The red spool is an experimental droppible marker bouy. The white building infront is the bridge of the catamaran the K-600 was sitting on.
Front View Front port quarter view shows the front main ballast tank (MBT)above with its support structure. The front of both battery pods at the bottom and the whole side of the port battery pod. Just above the front of the port battery pod is a spot light. Above the port battery pod is the port thruster in its cage. The front view port is the dark spot just to the left of the spot light.
Back View Back view from rear starboard quarter. Good shot of the primary thruster motor. This motor pivots on the verticle rod and acts as an active rudder. The structure above the thruster is the rear MBT.
Conning Tower Front view of conning tower with the over off. The black tube on the top is an experimental horizontal, rotatible, sonar. Forward view port is visible. Silver cyliders from left to right of view port are: forward flood valve, snokel, rear flood valve. If you follow the tube down from the forward flood valve through the forward lifting eye to the forward MBT. Port view port is just visible.
Hatch Picture of open hatch from front starboard quarter. You can see the front and starboard view ports with the front flood valve between them. The hatch has four eyelets around its interior circumference. These eyelets are used in conjuctions with "J" bolts to tighten down the hatch. Small circle in hatch middle is the top view port and the handle just above it is the handle to the rotatible sonar.
Interior Foward 1 Interior forward view. The dark round circle in the middle is the forward view port. The two gauges to the right of the view port are a set of matching depth gauges. Two gauges are used for redundantcy. Note that they plumb into the same line and that the line has a valve to cut them off from the outside water pressure incase of leaks. Above the view port is a crank to and outside retratible arm. The arm had a compass attached. The brown box to the upper left is the surface communications gear. See next photo for a better look. The two black, horizontal, bars at the bottom are the foot, rudder peddals. All interior views were taken by holding the camera down the hatch and just above the seat. The seat can be folded down out of the way so you operator can lay down and look out the forward view port. Just in front, to the left, of the seat is a fuse panel for electical circuits. Also not seen is the control bar for rotating the side thrusters.
Interior Foward 2 Interior forward view, slightly to port. A better, though blurred look at the communications equipment. Below it is the air scrubbing system.
Interior Aft Interior aft view. Lots of tanks. Bottom two tanks are regulation scuba tanks for supplying air to the MBT and to ditch the submersible as a last resort. Valve in center is for flooding the interior to allow for ditching. Box above valve is a power distribution point. A set of circuit breakers were located on the port side just infront of the seat. I am not sure what the silver and blue tanks are. Could be oxygen (blue) and a bail out tank (silver).

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