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Pat Regan - Nautilus Minisub

Sub name: Nautilus Minisub
Designer: Pat Regan
Builder: Pat Regan
E-mail Address: vulcania@interpac.net
Web Links: 


Description: This functional 1/10th scale Disney Nautilus replica 
was hand-crafted from steel by Pat Regan, and is pictured here 
during proving tests in 1991.  Regan believes his to be the World's 
first "real submarine" of this famous fictional design in any scale.


    18 feet X 1.25 tons
    welded steel double-hull construction
    two-place pressure hull
    integral "hydrobatic" air-water ballast system
    24 VDC 4HP electric motor and prop (4 knots X 2.5 hours)

    manual "aircraft-type" guidance controls

    life support, sonar, etc.

    Maximum design operating depth: 100 FSW

    The NAUTILUS MINISUB is presently in Hawaii receiving finishing
touches to the exterior detailing, prior to continued open water 
operations in the Pacific Ocean.

Nautilus Minisub - on trailer
Nautilus Minisub - on surface
Nautilus Minisub - on launching
Pat Regan holding the scale "Pilot-house cover" made from sheet metal, rivets, and clear plastic hemispheres. Nautilus Minisub - Pilot-house cover
Nautilus Minisub - on surface
Nautilus Minisub - diving

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