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Nero Wolfe - Liveaboard Sketch

Sub name: Liveaboard Sketch
Designer: Nero Wolfe
I promised I'd get my pics scanned at some point :)  well I have 
some of them scanned for your porusal.  here are the links.


Again, this is just me daydreaming in class.  What i would do to have 
the cash to make any of this a reality.  if you can't identify 
anything, say so.  I'll try to explain what i was trying to draw.  the 
two cylendars at the ends of the pressure hull in the subint.jpg are 
for trimming at depth.  and fine boyancy controll.  

there is planned room for 2 gensets, twin screws, and seperate 
battery banks. one battery bank under each bunk, and batterys 
around the gensets to help ballance out the hull.  

Well that's my idea for now.. I have another design cooking.  and 
school starts soon, so expect more soon :)  i'm looking for flaws... 
(though there isnt' enough detail to show anything serious in these drawings)  

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