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Rick O'Conner - Pierce PSV-2

Sub name: Pierce PSV-2
Owner: Rick O'Conner

Photos courtesy of Dick Morrisson.

The sub is the Pierce Submersibles  PSV-2,built in the 70's as a competitor 
to other subs made at the time.Just as everyone else was getting out of the 
business.It is a three man [small men] 1000 ft rated with diver lock out.When 
I bought it it was in the Land Sea and Air  musuem on the USS Intrepid in new 
York City.It has been siting in Bellingham,WA for two years waiting for the 
inspiration to change the entire  sub,saving the pressure hull.

Front View with Rick. Front view with Rick
Side View. Side view
Back View. Back view

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