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Rost Flegontov - MTK-200 & Sever-2

Sold 21 Jan 2003

Sub name: MTK-200 and Sever-2 Designer: Builder: Owner: Description: Dear Sirs! We find information about your organization in Internet. Our company propose for your kind attention for sale deep-water complex for conducting engineering & other technical & geological prospecting works on depth up to 2000m, which consists of 3 (three) separate units (for stepped or combined deep-water investigation). 1). Fastened compact small remotely operated vehicle - Agent with above-water control panel. 2). Fastened robot MTK-200 with above - water control panel. 3). Deep-water inhabited submersible - Sever-2 with complex ZIP. All foregoing above equipment is disposing on guarded grounds under responsible storage in: 1). Science Exploration Center Ukrainian State Oceanarium (Sevastopol city); 2). Admiral Makarov Ukrainian State Sea Technical University (Nikolaev city). All equipment is not under law-court, arrest, alienation & also not burden from other debt obligations. Short discription of foregoing above equipment is indicate in application to this letter. P.S. If you have interest in purchasing this equipment, please firstly contact us via e-mail or via letter, because our translator from English language is not disposing in our office. With compliments, Mr. Rost Flegontov Commercial Director. Doctor Dolphin.Ltd 03040 Ukraine, Kiev M. Stelmakha Street 10A of. 522 Tel/Fax: (38044)2582242 e-mail: flegontov@sacbeemail.com Enclosure to commercial proposition. 1). ROV Agent - meants for realization of sweeping, conducting engineering & other technical & geological prospecting works on dept up to 500m. It works autonomus or together with (MTK-200). Operates from control panel, which is fixed on deck of carrier vessel through cable-rope. Weight of apparatus ; 30 kilograms. Apparatus haves two TV cameras, lighting technology equipment, impellent plant, which allows independently moving in all flatnesses. Avaible mounting of supplementary curved equipment. Working time of apparatus is not limited. Example of practical application. Shelf inspection on torpedo & mine availability. Possibility of diving & putting of explosives for elumination of underwater hindrance, possibility of putting different claws for lifting simberged objects from bottom. Investigation of ship hulls, drilling platforms, underwater pipelines. Underwater videotape recording, thickness measuring of underwater pipelines & other works. Now, apparatus with above-water control panel disposing in Sevastopol city. Apparatus completely ready for work, participated in underwater works near Zmeiny Island (Black Sea) for JSC «;hernomorneftegaz». 2). MTK-200. Weight-3,5 tons. Meants for works on dept up to 500metres. Operates with helping of control panel from carrier-vessel through cable-rope. Apparatus have autonomus telemetry, lighting technology, track chassis for bottom moving 6 (six) electronic motors for moving in water in all flatnesses & 2 (two) manipulators 8 (eight) powers of freedom, 90kg of pressing on clamps. Application: analogous ROV Agent. Now, apparatus with above-water control panel is disponsing in hangar of Admiral Makarov Ukrainian State Sea Technical University (Nikolaev city). Necessary to buy cable-rope & to make starting examinations. 3).Deep-water inhabited submersible Sever-2. Depth of diving up to 2000metres. Wear of solid hull ; 10%. Length ; 12 metres. Height- 4 metres. Breadth ; 2,6 metres. Diameter of solid hull ; 2,1 meter. Displacement ;39tons. Speed max ; 2,5knots. Diving speed max ; 0,8knots. Diving height calculated ; 2800metres. Diving height maximum (working) ; 2200metres. Stock of run ; 6 hours (with electric power). Year of building 1972. Crew ; 2-5 people. 1 (one) manipulator 8 (eight) powers of freedom with claw. Apparatus autonomus, apply with deck of carrier-vessel with help of crane-girder. Now submersible is disposing on ground in (SEC) Ukrainian State Oceanarium (Sevastopol city). Submersible ready for work on 70%. Necessary to buy storage batterys & to make starting examinations. Available ZIP - (complete set of fittings for providing normal work of apparatus) in quantity of 2 (two) auto trucks KAMAZ.

MTK-200 (Rost Flegontov 31 Jan 2003)

Sever-2 (Rost Flegontov 31 Jan 2003)

Sever-2 (Rost Flegontov 31 Jan 2003)

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