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Name of sub: Alien Type: 1atm (?), dry, electric submerged, gas on surface. Web pointer: Alien Address: Phone: 1-800-999-5060 Comments: Crush depth 1000ft. Safe depth 250ft. 12 knots on surface with gas engine with a 350 mile range. Two electric motors for 4 knots submerged speed. $175,000USD. Back to Index
Name of sub: AquaSub Type: Surface feed air, dry, electric. Web pointer: AquaSub: A Submarine You Can Build One-Man Sports Address: Phone: Comments: AquaSub is a trimaran design with the center hull capible of submerging. The out two hulls hold the center hull from going deeper then the connecting arms allow. Back to Index
Name of sub: Bionic Dolphin Type: Dry, 1atm Web pointer: Bionic Dolphin Bionic Dolphin Address: Phone: Comments: A high performance, one man submersible of streamlined fiberglass construction. Looks much like a dolphin. Here is some Bionic Dolphin (VASH) information. - about 12' long - 600 lbs (very positively buoyant) - carbon/kevlar/spectra outer shell - fiberglass inner shell around pilot - closed cell hard foam filler (sprayed in) - kevlar/foam composite bulkheads - partial F-16 canopy - 100 HP two-stroke V4 - cut-off tail flat, which created a vortex while moving submerged to helped to draw out the exhaust - builder has had it down to 30 feet - could stay down for only 15 seconds because the engine had only a small on board air supply - did not have any type of scrubber, cockpit air replenished through "blow hole" snorkel. - hydroplaned on surface at 55 mph, submerged up to 25 mph. The project was a success from a mechanical standpoint, but they were not able to market it. The Coast Guard requires certification of any dry one-atmosphere submersible being sold to the public, and they will not certify anything yet that has a fiberglass inner hull. It has to be steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. It was designed by Thomas Rowe, and the prototype was built by Dennis Kaiser & Thomas Rowe. Back to Index
Name of sub: BOB (Breathing Observation Bubble) Type: Ambient, wet, electric. Web pointer: http://www.flinet.com/gulfstream/bell.html Address: Bellaqua Personal Submersibles Phone: (407) 478-4200 (407) 478-4293 fax Comments: BOB looks like a scooter or a chair in which you have your head in an air bubble. The rest of you is in water. Back to Index
Name of sub: C-Questor Type: Ambient, dry, electric. Web pointer: DISCOVERY..SUBMERSIBLE Address: Phone: Comments: Back to Index
Name of sub: Seahorser Type: Ambient, dry, electric, snorkel, optional gas engine. Web pointer: Caribbean Submarines, Inc. Address: Phone: Comments: Back to Index
Name of sub: Type: 1 atm, ABS certification, to 1000ft. Explorer 1 to 250ft. Deep View to 500ft. Web pointer: Address: Deep Tech Undersea Services 3390 Gandy Blvd. N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 Phone: (727) 217-9703 Comments: They sell plans as well as build to order. Back to Index
Name of sub: Deepworker, Deep Rover, Deep Flyer, Aquarius, Sea Otter, Exosuit Type: various, 1 atm submersibles Web pointer: http://www.nuytco.com/ Address: Phone: Comments: Back to Index
Name of sub: SM 300/3, SM 100/3, SM 80/2 Type: various, 1atm, electric, 2, 3 , tourist types Web pointer: Global Submarines Oy Ltd Address: Rykmentintie 4, FIN - 20810 Turku, FINLAND Phone: +358-(0)2-469 3400 Comments: Back to Index
Name of sub: K-250, K-350, K-600 Type: 1ATM pressure, dry, electric. Web pointer: Lake Diver, Inc., Builder of Kittredge Submarines Photos News Article Address: Phone: Comments: George no longer sells plans. Contact Vance Bradly at VBra676539@aol.com or go to Lake Diver, Inc. K-250 Pilot Instructor: Mark Ragan near Annapolis, Maryland trains K-250 pilots. Contact Mark via email to address: Markkragan@yahoo.com Back to Index
Name of sub: Mantaray Type: Ambient, semi-dry, electric. Web pointer: Mantaray Address: Phone: Comments: Back to Index
Name of sub: The Florida Manatee + design updates + new subs Type: 1 ATM, dry, electric. Web pointer: Homemade One-Person Dry Submarine Address: Phone: Comments: Designed and built by a group of students out a propane tank. Back to Index
Name of sub: Type: 1 ATM, dry, electric, 1 man & 2 man. Several designs. Web pointer: Midwest Engineering & Design E-mail: mwengineering@yahoo.com Address: Midwest Engineering PO Box 4706 Overland Park,KS 66204-0706 USA Phone: Comments: They have plans for several ambient type submersibles. Back to Index
Name of sub: NURC-UCAP Type: 1 ATM, dry, electric. Web pointer: Submersibles Available Address: Phone: Comments: Research sub. Back to Index
Name of sub: Odyssea Submarine Type: Ambient, wet, electric. Web pointer: http://www.odyssea-sub.com/ E-mail: info@odyssea-sub.com Address: Odyssea Submarine, Inc. 8354 North 159th Court Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 Phone: (561) 575-7631 (561) 575-2898 fax Comments: Two scuba divers sit side-by-side in front of a box-like body. Back to Index
  • Personal Submarine Industries Name of sub: SMAL2/ PSI2000/ BS700/ BS300 Type: Web pointer: http://psi.france.free.fr E-mail: psifrance@aol.com Address: Lot 19B zac Athelia 4 13600 LA CIOTAT FRANCE Phone: 33 4 42 08 04 08 Comments: Essentially the designs are with an acrylic cylinder cabin with the longitudinal axis up and down. Both ends of the cylider are capped with the submersibles hull and operating equipment. These designs have passed "Classification Bureau Ve'ritas". SMAL2 PSI2000 BS700 BS300 Depth: 50m 200m 50m 100m People: 2 2 7 3 Duration: 8hrs 8hrs 8hrs 4hrs Weight: 3000Kg 4000Kg 1200Kg 4000Kg Back to Index
    Name of sub: PowerSub Type: Ambient, wet, electric. Web pointer: http://www.popularlink.com/submarine/ E-mail: Address: Phone: Comments: 1 person. Bouyancy is adjusted via level of air pocket in cockpit. Air supplied by a 72 cubic foot scuba tank. 12volt trolling motor powered from 4 car batteries. Back to Index
    Name of sub: SEAmobile Type: Ambient, dry, electric, 2 or 3 man (pilot wet on some models) Web pointer: http://www.seamagine.com E-mail: marketing@seamagine.com Address: SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation 915-C W. Foothill Blvd, Suite 215 Claremont, CA 91711 USA Phone: (909) 626-6262/ Fax: (909) 626-7730 Comments: Dry compartment is a hemispheric, 1atm bubble. Back to Index
    Name of sub: SMP-07 Penetrable Submersible Vehicle Type: Ambient pressure, wet, electric. Web pointer: http://www.dux.ru/guest/modul/smp.html Address: Valery Krasnov or Yury Zubkov Sebastopol, Ukraine Phone: 380-0692-446224 home 380-0692-571173 office 380-0692-591673 fax E-mail: Comments: Tandem two seater for scuba divers. Back to Index
    Name of sub: SportSub, ResortSub Type: Ambient pressure, semi-dry, electric. Web pointer: The SportSub Submersible Address: International VentureCraft Corp. 1225 E Sunset Dr. Suite 500 Bellingham, WA 98226-3529 Phone: Tel: (604) 220-4141 Fax: (604) 436-5657 E-mail: ivc@ivccorp.com Comments: Back to Index
    Name of sub: SubLime Type: Ambient pressure, wet, human powered Web pointer: Main Page Details Another page Address: Phone: E-mail: Comments: Back to Index
    Name of sub: Submersible Systems Development Type: Ambient pressure, wet, electric. Web pointer: http://www.aloha.com/~abc/ssd/ Address: Phone: E-mail: laney@ckn.com Comments: A tandem wet sub for scuba divers. Back to Index
    Name of sub: The Submarine Network Type: Multiple types, new and used, tourist franchise... Web pointer: http://www.demon.co.uk/oceanquest/index.html Address: Phone: E-mail: laney@ckn.com Comments: A tandem wet sub for scuba divers. Back to Index
    Name of sub: U.S. Submarines, Inc. Type: Personal Luxury Submarines and Manned Submersibles Web pointer: http://ussubs.com/lead.1.html Address: U.S. Submarines, Inc. P.O. Box 7096 Vero Beach, FL 32961 Phone: (561) 234-4499 (561) 234-2588 fax E-mail: ussubs@ussubs.com Comments: The design and build a variety of submarines and habitats. The submarines range from Tourist, Personal Luxury and Manned Submarines. The Luxury Submaries are more like yahcts on the surface that can submerge. Back to Index
    Name of sub: World Submarine Invitational Type: Wet, ambient, human powered Web pointer: http://www.hte.com/subrace/ Address: Phone: E-mail: Comments: This is an organization formed to compete with human powered submarines. Back to Index


    Shaft seals from: Crane Packing Company 6400 Oakton street Morton Grove, Illinois 60053 Back to Index
    Electrical through holes: Doug Privitt Delta Oceanographis "marfab" Tell him Alan from Subview gave you the number. Back to Index
    Greg Cottrell Work phone: (301) 937-1317 Mobile phone: (301) 412-8004 Email: jgcottrell2002@yahoo.com Greg has produced several viewports for Kittredge submarines over the years.
    REJ & Co. - Motors / Thrusters Email: rjune@fuse.net Phone: 513-300-1189 Web Link: I am offering for sale the following modified Motor Guide Trolling motors: Currency is in U.S. dollars Shipping and Taxes are not included. All of the motors are from the Great White series thus offering better corrosion resistance. All motors are rated to a depth of at least 300 feet. All motors are offered with a 2 year limited warranty. All of the motors are offered with a multi-conductor water tight cable x 3 feet long. Additional cable length can be purchased at $2.00 / foot All motors are offered with a two, three, or four bladed nylon composite prop. A three bladed aluminum prop may be purchased as an option for an additional $30.00 (only good for 80# and 107# motors) Different props result in slightly different thrust characteristics. An additional aluminum prop guard can be purchased for a cost of $220.00 The motors are listed in the following format; "Motor Size in Pounds of Thrust / Volts / Amp Usage per Hour / Cost" 43 # / 12 VDC / 0-48 Amps / $555.40 52 # / 12 VDC / 0-48 Amps / $559.70 67 # / 24 VDC / 0-33 Amps / $695.20 80 # / 24 VDC / 0-33 Amps / $820.40 (not a typo on this price) 107 # / 36 VDC / 0-48 Amps / $709.00 I can additionally supply a card that can be wired to the control circuit allowing the variable speed/reversing operation of the motors for $126.00 In the near future I will be incorporating the card and controls into a NEMA 4X control enclosure. Delivery is currently 2 to 4 weeks. I need to also note that all pricing and delivery is subject to change without prior notice, (hate to have this email come back to me 5 years from now.) Please feel free to email or call me; rjune@fuse.net or 513-300-1189 with any additional questions. Sincerely, Roger June Back to Index
    Electrical connector, some rated upto 20,000psi. SeaCon/Brantner & Assocites, Inc. Corporate Office 1240 Vernon Way El Cajon, California 92020 Tel: (619) 562-7071 Fax: (619) 562-9706 Web Link: http://www.seaconbrantner.com/index.html E-mail Address: seacon@seaconbrantner.com Back to Index
    SMA[UK] Address: Web Link: http://www.smauk.com/ E-mail Address: Back to Index
    Electric Boats and Outboards Back to Index
    Mesma AIP Propulson System Back to Index
    Minn Kota Eletric Boat Motors Back to Index
    Tecnadyne: ROV Parts Back to Index
    Stanley Plastics Ltd. - Submarine viewports Back to Index
    Viewports Al Malone Plastics Inc. Louisiana 504 943-3377 Back to Index
    Fabricator of Personal Submersibles & K-350 Parts John Maynard Lake Diver Inc. 2647 South Broadway Wellsburg, New York Phone: (607)742-8313 Email: mongo14904@yahoo.com Web link: Lake Diver Back to Index
    ASME/PVHO Viewports Marine Dynamics Corp. http://www.hyperbar.com/windows.htm Back to Index
    Explosive Bolts Tekord http://www.thomasregister.com/olc/tekord/ Back to Index
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