Manned Submersibles - R. Frank Busby

Manned Submersibles
by R. Frank Busby
This book on CDROM by R. Frank Busby contains a wealth of information pertaining to the design and use of small submersibles. Materials, design, human factors, and life support are just a few of the topics covered in over 700 pages of material.

Manned Submersibles was published by the Office of Oceanographer of the U.S. Navy in 1976 and is in the public domain.   The book is no longer in print and copies are difficult to find. Thanks to the efforts of some hard working volunteers, this book has been converted into electronic format with permission of the US NAVY.

PSUBS.ORG now makes this great reference book available to you in CDROM format.   Visit Manned Submersibles Online for complete access to the book FREE!

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