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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Underwater Anchor System

I hate to nit pick, but GPS won't be working underwater! Submarines need
gyroscopes and computers to navigate.


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> Hi;
> I understand the dangers of the idea but it is based in situations in
> you have to stay in a position for example, near an underwater rocks where
> currents are strong, for some time without draining you batteries. The
> so far given are with a type of anchor that has a line quite long enough
> surface with the anchor still deployed in which thw winch is really doing
> the work of holdin the sub on the desired position. Also and idea was
> suggested to have a mechanism to cut the line remotely to prevent the sub
> being an underwater coffin.
> I wonder if a yacht type submarine might have one as it wouldn't be a nice
> surprise to realize after some time preparing a sandwich in the galley
> you are adrift a couple of nautical miles.
> Also, I think that in this hypothetical situatuion the thrusters will
> require a good autopilot and gps to maintain a depth and position.
> Eliezer Rodriguez
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> >Greetings
> >
> > I've been reading the responses to the underwater anchor system and I
> >it odd that anyone piloting a vessel, whose most important function is
> >surfacing, would want to attach it to the bottom. In my opinion,
> >are the only way to go.  In years of fishing from a boat I've cut the
> >on almost every kind of anchor known to man. This is the last situation
> >want while submerged at any depth.  The anchor on my sub plans is in a
> >locker outside the conning tower. For surface use only.
> >
> > 3D autocad plans to follow!
> >
> >Hal Hanson
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