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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Re: In my search for a simple, cheap pressure hull ...

Tigershark (original name is "Tigerhai" ) -  Two person died.. 
in the largo Margiore in the 60ies. 

The pilot has an  heard attack - He dive the sub down to the bottom
at 32 m. The automatic surfacing relase was switch to the maximum 
dive deep at 35 m - so it did'nt work. 

On the seat behind him was a press man with a 16mm camera - he filmed 
the accident. He was not instructed to handle any vale or controls - 
so he died some hours after the pilot the very hard way - CO2 poisson. 

I have all original reports  - including the report of the two doctors
which recovers/visit the bodys after a half year in 35 m deep .. 
The smell was so strong that they use a church on a graveyard and not
normal - dead body room - on a medicine center (hospital)to vist the

The technical comisson found that the key for the drop weight was not on
and the press-man was not instructed - the ballat tank system was in
best running order - he just have to open a single valve..  

One Tigershark is in the technical museum in Speyer, Germany 
together with U 9, a Seehund and a Biber, - the other one is on the Psub 
page at the : Psubs picture gallery page (Anders L.). 

The company went bankrupt after this accident producing just 2-3
Its a nice design -I remember there must be something in the archive 
about this.. The is a german crime Edgar Wallace b/w film- shows the sub 
diving - have the video also here- and Ander L.- has a copy ..

regards Carsten  

"Michael B. Holt" schrieb:
> VBra676539@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > the only glass sub i know of was the tiger shark (?) a german import which
> > managed to kill at least one person (ignorance, not design)--phil nuytton is
> > working on a grp variation on his ds subs, too--vance
> Thanks.  The Tiger Shark is the one!
> What happened in that accident?
> Mike