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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Re: Tigershark incident

At 00:20 +0100 11/4/01, Carsten Standfuß wrote:
>The pilot has an  heard attack - He dive the sub down to the bottom
>at 32 m. The automatic surfacing relase was switch to the maximum
>dive deep at 35 m - so it did'nt work.
>On the seat behind him was a press man with a 16mm camera - he filmed
>the accident. He was not instructed to handle any vale or controls -
>so he died some hours after the pilot the very hard way - CO2 poisson.
> [....]
>the ballat tank system was in
>best running order - he just have to open a single valve.. 

How awful.

I'd have hoped that in such a situation, the camera guy would've been scrambling to understand the plumbing, and trying a couple of things. Even if you screwed up badly, that would have to be better than just waiting to pass out.

HOURS? What a nightmare.

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