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RE: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Re: Tigershark incident

This is no doubt a good practice. It reminded me of a funny incident some
years ago. At the time I worked for a Dutch firm, and was out with my
colleagues exploring the countryside around our office, when we came upon a
canal. It had WWII bunkers along the shore every few hundred yards, and as
we climbed into them we wondered whether they had been built by the Dutch to
defend against the Germans, or by the Germans to defend against the allies.
My german friend Thomas certified them as Dutch. His rationale? If they were
German, THEY WOULD BE NUMBERED. This was delivered deadpan, without any
intent to be funny, and in a tone conveying that non-numbered German bunkers
are simply unthinkable.

Carsten, aside from good friends I think you guys make excellent engineers!

- Alec

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Maybe some simple marks on the vales like :

- Blow Ballast tanks valve
- Blow regulator vale 
- release torpedo 
- never open this vale !
- release all emergency drop weights 

would help.. 

In Sgt.Peppers any vale has marks - for the reason that 
I am maybe to drunken or some gas possion gets me...   

Carsten  - I am out for a week or so..

Ray Keefer schrieb:
> Hi,
> As part of your safety procedures you tell any passengers, "In
> case I get disable, do this." Better yet, have all your operating
> procedures in a binder with one copy by the passenger. Tell them to
> go to this page, tabbed of course, and follow the procedure if I am
> incapacitated.
> Regards,
> Ray