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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Where can we visit SUB?


There is the USS Pampanito in San Francisco.

USS Bluefin (or Bluefish) in Portland, Oregon. Supposed to be the US Navy's
last diesel-electric.

USS Sealion in Fall River, Massachusetts. Bonus here is the Battleship
Massachusetts, a Soviet destroyer and some PT boats.

If in Chicago the see the U-505. Not a US boat but a German IX.

The premium submarine museum in the States is at Groton, Connecticut.
It has the USS Nautilas, the world's first nuclear submarine. The 
museum is great with a 1/3 (?) scale cut away model of a German IX and
a wall of mounted hulls shapes of all the the US classes of submarines
(all to the same scale!).


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> If I recall correctly, she's the USS Drum.  An improved Gato class.  All
> of Battleship park is worth the trip to Mobile.
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