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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Re: Tigershark incident

Hi Dewey - Tigerhai-I accident had a dive plan,
- a dive time and a dive area. 

The search for the sub started a half hour after it missed
to surface according to the dive time plan. 
They searched some months year or so in the dive area without 
any hit. Sportsdivers found the sub deep in the mud 
and far outside the dive plan area after a half year. 

It its possible - but not sure that the dead or dieing 
pilot blocked with his body the fin controls and 
the boat run with a low downwarts angle out of 
the area with running engine until the bottom stop it. 

Carsten - Back from cuba - didn't managed to get 
into the passanger sub just 80 km from my hotel - has 
something to do with taxis allready sold to other people
for a better price, other taxi older than I am - and never 
comes in time, scooters with engines failtures on the 
half way and mostly with the american blockade..  

Dewey Mason schrieb:
> Also, some one NOT diving should
> have an arrival time, and dive plan before you go.
> Dewey
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