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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Re: Tigershark incident

Upps - I mean - RELEASE TORPEDO as a short form 
of : Release torpedo style one man tender sub..
or : Release torpedo style transponder bouy..  

"Never open this valve": for example - 
Valve of the dissconected saftey - 
high pressure air storaged bottle 
(blow the dome away on the surface..) 
or vale of the scuttle valve 
(flooded the hull - this one should 
only use by the owner himself..) 
To the beach bunker number tale : 
This bunker were german - and has a painted number 
on it during construction - but was removed during 
the war to make it - for the enemey - not so easy to 
count them .. 


Dewey Mason schrieb:
> Carsten,
> I think I need more info on the RELEASE TORPEDO mark,
> and the NEVER OPEN THIS VALVE mark. LOL. Sounds like
> they are not on my sub plans as yet.
> Dewey
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