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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Joysticks


My 2 cents on the laptop thing:

I'm afraid a watertight laptop would cost too much, if it is possible at 
all. You have over 80 keys on the keyboard to make watertight. And then you 
have your com ports, lpt port, usb, pc card adapter and so on..

And it's hard to make a waterproof case for it, because if there's not 
enough air to cool it down, it may overheat, lock up and there goes your sub 

If I had to make the whole thing safe from electric shock, I would take a 
laptop with external battery and make something like a watertight emergency 
power off switch on the external battery itself. Maybe some sort of 
automatic relay, activated by water?

Sincerely, Paul.

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