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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Joysticks


(unlurking again)

What you are proposing would be better accomplished by an industrial
programmable controller such as those sold by Allen Bradley and Omron.  All
sorts of input/output (switch, relay,optically isolated, analog etc etc.)
and AC or DC power supplies are offered.  Check out the following:



Actually, Gary Boucher might respond, since he's a guru in the use of small
Motorola chips as used in automotive emission control systems etc.  (but I
know diddley about these beyond what I have heard from Ray.)

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> Hi all.
> I'm new to control systems but here is what I've learned so far (please
> correct me if I am mistaken on any point).
> I looked at some of the joysticks that are out there for industrial
> applications (electrohydraulic).  They are expensive.  From what I
> gather you buy the joystick, connect the joysticks to a proprietary
> controller which then translates the joystick actions to signals for
> manipulating the hydraulics.
> I'm working on an all electric control system (fly-by-wire) that uses a
> standard pc joystick, laptop(already planned as part of sub) and a usb
> or serial connection to a controller for the hydraulics.  So far I'm
> using the Saitek X36 controller which provides a joystick and throttle
> controls.  I get a lot more functionality that I can program in a
> familar environment.  Please note, I 'm also researching secondary
> controls in case the fly-by-wire fails and would like to be pointed in
> the right direction for building cable based hydraulic controls.
> A few questions:
> Has anyone else done this before?
> Is there a reason not to?
> Is there an easier way?
> Would anyone like to colloborate on a flight control system?  I'm
> planning 3 "flight modes" -- surface, subsurface flight, subsurface
> hover.
> --Atul
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> Their used on all skid steers and back hoes.   Just about any
> manufacture of hydraulic valves has them.  The trouble you might find
> is, most of them may be larger that you need, but will work.
> Dan H.
> Brett Pinkepank wrote:
> Hi,    Does anyone have any recomendations for a company that makes
> joysticks to control hydraulic systems with.