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Hi all.
I'm new to control systems but here is what I've learned so far (please
correct me if I am mistaken on any point).
I looked at some of the joysticks that are out there for industrial
applications (electrohydraulic).  They are expensive.  From what I
gather you buy the joystick, connect the joysticks to a proprietary
controller which then translates the joystick actions to signals for
manipulating the hydraulics.  
I'm working on an all electric control system (fly-by-wire) that uses a
standard pc joystick, laptop(already planned as part of sub) and a usb
or serial connection to a controller for the hydraulics.  So far I'm
using the Saitek X36 controller which provides a joystick and throttle
controls.  I get a lot more functionality that I can program in a
familar environment.  Please note, I 'm also researching secondary
controls in case the fly-by-wire fails and would like to be pointed in
the right direction for building cable based hydraulic controls.
A few questions:
Has anyone else done this before?  
Is there a reason not to?
Is there an easier way?
Would anyone like to colloborate on a flight control system?  I'm
planning 3 "flight modes" -- surface, subsurface flight, subsurface

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Their used on all skid steers and back hoes.   Just about any
manufacture of hydraulic valves has them.  The trouble you might find
is, most of them may be larger that you need, but will work. 

Dan H. 

Brett Pinkepank wrote: 

Hi,    Does anyone have any recomendations for a company that makes
joysticks to control hydraulic systems with.