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RE: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Brass vs. Bronze

I apologize for not going into greater depth on styro models as I'm at work and pressed for time.  You model in styrofoam the final object you want.  Molding sprues and vents are added in styrofoam also.  This model is covered with a fine slurry of refractory material (believe I have used the proper term, don't have my casting references in front of me...similar to a ceramic slip).  The covered model is then place in a mold box and packed with molding sand (a combination of oil and fine sand that hold it shape very well) and tamped down until solidly packed.  The mold is prewarmed to assist in even metal casting metal cooling for uniform grain structure and strength.  Molten metal (I know bronze and iron both work from personal experience, haven't attempted aluminum) is then poured into the mold and a fine casting results.  You have to be careful of no moisture in any mold as you can get explosive results otherwise with hot metal everywhere.  Major car engine builders use this process along with other industries that require an intrique casting.  While you may not find this method referenced in the URLs suggested by others (I have previous found info on the web as to how to use styro for casting models), the methodology is explained in technical references and can be accomplished using a backyard force-blown, charcoal furnace for melting your metals.
Jay K. Jeffries
Andros Is., Bahamas

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