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RE: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Hydrogen Build-up

Thanks Bill


I will investigate their products to see if they are suitable.


Regards and thanks


Steve P


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Hi Steve.


Sorry it took so long for me to respond to this specific post of yours, but I couldn't find my correspondence from the Hydrocap corp til now.

According to the Hydrocap corp...."as little as 4% hydrogen in air is considered explosive (69 cubic inches of hydrogen in one cubic foot of air)"

Some time ago I directly called Mr. George Peroni president of the hydrocap corp and we had a nice talk over the phone and he sent me an info

packet of 4 double sided pages regarding his products. According to George when your batteries are CHARGING, they create more hydrogen than

oxygen during the first part of the charge, and during the final part of the charge cycle they give off more oxygen then hydrogen.


George told me that the batteries on DIScharge are non stochimetric (I think that means "not the same" but I've been lazy and haven't looked up the correct spelling

much less definition of what that word exactly means, grin.) George said that it is a non stochimetric ratio on discharge and your batteries will give off more hydrogen

than oxygen equally all the way thru on DIScharge.


The hydrocap corp makes not only hydrocaps but they also make catylators which are hydrogen/oxygen recombiners but are not attached to your battery.

Contact Mr. George Peroni pres of the corp at this number and ask for an info packet that should answer many of your concerns at (305) 696-2504

The corp is located at 975 N.W. 95 st. Miami, Fl, 33150

I would scan the 8 info packet pages he sent me and provide you with them, but my scanner is not working properly.


If I save your life as a result of this info, you owe me a steak! Grin.


Bill Akins.



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Subject: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Hydrogen Build-up


G-day all


From the material I have been reading and what I remember Hydrogen gas is formed in lead acid batteries when charging and discharging. My understanding is that if you ventilate the battery compartment with the atmosphere when running on the surface and the air in the pressure hull when submerged this can stop a BIG BANG!


Can anyone suggest the amount of Hydrogen as a % of the Subs atmosphere is required for an explosion to occur? Is there such a thing as a Hydrogen Scrubber? Is hydrogen produced more readily when charging or discharging the batteries?


By contributing to this string the life you save could be mine. J




Steve P