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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] Joe's sub and Boyle

Once in a while I wonder about questions asked on the list.  I had a "moment" commuting to work.
Joe - are you still at odds regarding the design of your cockpit and sloshing water and Boyle's Law?
Magical Child will be admitting water into the cockpit just like your boat.  I realized that the easy way to answer your dilemma may have been to point out that MC's trim water will be admitted into the cockpit BEHIND a bulkhead behind the pilot's seat.  A simple vent (hole) at the top of the trim tank/cockpit bulkhead will allow displaced air to flow back and forth to and from the cockpit and the tank.
The water will simply be behind MC's pilot rather than at his or her feet.  Why doesn't Boyle affect the trim tank?  The cockpit is sealed from ambient water (not pressure).  There IS no water being admitted or expressed from the cockpit (except for initial trim adjustment just under the surface).
The cockpit regs compensate the cockpit AND the variable trim tank, which is merely a physical extension of the cockpit.
Rick L