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--- Atul Patel <apatel@elt-inc.com> wrote:
> I'd also like to build in corectional capabilites into the flight system to 
> account for current.
> Through the use of the pc, I can log my control commands and log actual
> flight performance(command,reaction,time,power draw,etc) for analysis
> later.  


Here's a lead for your background reading:  NOAA, the US agency that watches
the weather and so forth, operated some specialized aircraft in the '70s, maybe
they still do so.  These planes were dispatched to fly into hurricanes and
other major weather patterns.  They recorded a variety of data, most relevantly
to this idea the wind vs the state of the airplane (engine speed, control
surface position, orientation, etc) - then later analyzed.  Your idea above re
currents is a very similar-sounding problem.  They wanted to understand the
weather, but it's really the same variables at root.

I don't have any direct experience with the problem or the calculations, but if
you hunt around among the NOAA folks maybe somebody, or something in the
literature, will provide insights.  

Wish I could help more.

-Lew, who trusts Windows, but not with his life!!!

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             - Yogi Berra

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