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Re: [PSUBS-MAILIST] K-350 Plan No. 13 question

The real deal:  http://www.sbve.com


Dan H. wrote:
The valves your referring to are the main control valves to put air onto each of the ballast tanks.  The valves called out aren't available any longer as far as I know.  It really doesn't matter at all what type of valves you use to replace them.  I just used quarter turn ball valves.  I followed the schematic in principal but didn't use the exact components that were called out on it.  The important thing is that your valves are of sufficient pressure rating and that you have two valves for each hull penetration as called out.  One valve for control and a second for emergency.  I think you can see some of what I used in the posted pics of "Persistence."   Also I used stainless fittings and valves. 
If I can help more, just ask, Dan H.